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sigh Balance between professionalism and Family is to be maintained in every individual life, avoiding any of these would create uncertainty in a individual life, because both gives identification to an individual, it is like railway track, if one of the track is damaged means there will be every chance for train to be derailed, so as in life, professionalism & family plays same role.
vinvish Professionalism and family can be described as the two sides of the same coin as both are equally important in one's life. Our profession gives you an individual identity and financial security on the other hand family gives you an emotional security. Neglecting any one of these could result in distress in one's life. A balance has to be maintained between the two, which is very easy to say, but to do it in practical is very difficult. In today's hitech busy lifestyle one cannot find the time to spend with his family. In Bangalore we have seen that there is increase in the number of people going to psychologists to get counseling on how to handle the stress and tension. The people of today are more inclined towards their profession and hence they get very little time to spend with their family. They may lead a luxurious life but there is absence of peace of mind.
moni Hi all, Family gives mental strength to a person and the professionalism gives a man financial strength, and high status (luxurious) lifestyle in society. But if a man has all things but he didn't have any peace or calmness through out his life means it is utter waste of earning the money alone. Therefore professionalism and the family play a vital role in ones life, so we can't avert any one of these. It (professionalism and the family) looks like two eyes of a man. We can’t bear if any one gets lost.
keerthi Hello friends, I agree wid u all. Professionalism as well as family both is very essential for an individual. One needs to be financially in a good position to achieve any thing, which also needs the good support from his/her family. But it is not that family support is a must to achieve some thing. Many great people have become great though they have less or no support from family. When it comes to maintaining a balance between the both I think its not possible in all the cases. As our friend "Vinvish" said it is easy to say but very difficult to do in practice. And To achieve our goals sometimes we need to sacrifice our family. Take for example the people in the army, in order to sever the country they have to stay away from their families. As it is mandatory. Hence balance between the both depends on ones profession and their ability to maintain that.
mohanraai Hi all, I agree with all. Both we need now a days, bcz should need spend time with family to relax in our machine life. Otherwise as one of friend said to relax we r going to psychotics. We can spend more time with family. Profession is need but not life is a profession. Life is now a full of money. Life is a full of joy and no need of much more money. Now a day’s people r moving to save money and earn money. Money is needed but limited money is enough for peace of mind. "Your r the owner of money, not money is the owner for u" kiran123 Hi all!!! I agree with u people. In ancient days people gave much preference to family but now a days the more importance is goes to job only Y because today the life cost is very very high. And also many people prefer luxurious life for this they are working like robos. I mean they are becoming workaholic people they will work at night shifts. So not spend your voluble time for earning money but also spend with ur family tats give u more strength. I mean u get a lot mental ability. In these if any one is going wrong the life will become uncertain. So people don’t become robos we r human beings. In life these two are two wheels of cart. sreenu3442003 Yes momi 100% I agree with u.professionalism and family both are very essential. For getting financial support Professionalism required. For mental support family is required. Do not neglect any one. Without family support we cannot get any things mean Pease of mind. With mind balance we can achieve more than what we r expecting in presence of hard work. So we should manage time to spend with family. Do not postpone any work. We should spend weekends with family. So we must maintain balance Professionalism between families. Then only satisfaction to us. We are not satisfied only with money. We can face some problems with family without money. So both r essential
sowmya571 Hello Yes I agree to this. 100% since both are important in life. Nothing can be ignored. As responsibilities increase we have more load coming on us in work. It is with family as we move to certain age
faraz Balance between professionalism and family is a delicate issue that has been plaguing Indians these days. If u wants to have a professional mindset then you have to devote your time to the company. But, family is of importance as well. So, the juggling act of balancing both these things is very important, as you have to come to terms with reality and manage time to satisfy both. Its difficult as your child and family needs time and energy to give the warmth and affection that it is of significance as well.
rathour I agreed wid all of every one knows that professionalism and family are two part of same coin.definetly family gives mental support & always stand for us at every moment. But professionalism has most imp 4 individual bcoz every one need to be financially in a good position to achieve any thing. As "kreethi" that’s right many great people have become great though they have less or no support from family. But make a better life there should be balance b/w these two factor.bcoz I think if we don’t have money our life bcms like a puzzle. So to give support and to take support 1stly we should also be able to supports others.
mallika_saggi Hello all... In my opinion balance between professionalism and family is one of the vital ingredient in today's world that further contribute to the Happiness recipe of one's life...both family and profession are important for the survival of an individual. As profession paves a way for earning the livelihood, contributing towards fulfilling the basic necessities of life...and further provides us a platform wherein one can fulfill one’s fantasies and dreams.... and further family provides us the moral and emotional support which is very much needed to be successful in professional world. A good family back further initiates the continuous flow of energy and support, which further paves for successful professional life. As one can’t concentrate on work if there are tensions at home then one can't concentrate on work a clear-cut and rich balance is needed to be successful in life... ............One can't with do by leaving any one of the two so the balance needs to be maintained.............
I do agree with keeerthi there may have been many gr8 people who have reached 2 heights and that 2 without the support of family....................but in my opinion what is the use of going to such a height where u r no longer able to see near and dear one's around.... man is a social animal and we can't live alone and further sacrificing family n going 2 top doesn't serve purpose. We may reach to top but what will be the use of that thing when there’ll be none around...the path of balancing is defiantly not smooth but then we can always spare some time for our family can't we? Reaching top is ever person's dream n in my opinion it can be fulfills in better way if we have support of family.... ignoring then for heights may lead us there but then they won't be there.............and money is not is imp no doubt but then we also require our family for many reasons at various stages of life..............and only running after profession at the cost of family may give one fame, glory, heights n all but the thing that won't be there will be MENTAL PEACE. Something which we can't afford to ignore...............and further there is no priority here there is no comparison we can't leave one and go for other.... both of these need to go side by side. Leaving either one doesn't solve the purpose..
sridevi_p_549 Hi frnz, I agree with u all. And in my opinion BALANCE BETWEEN PROFESSIONALISM AND FAMILY is very much required. These days man became money minded and he is trying to lead luxurious life. For that he is missing his family members love and affection and working hard for money. Of course some persons are even forgetting some of the sweetest days in his life like his bday and his family members bdays etc. He is fully concentrating on how to earn money. If we concentrate only on professionalism we may get fame and money but we loose many sweetest moments in our life. First give importance to well wishers and family members. Next preference to frship and next to money. And always remember that we must preserve something (2 cups of coffee) to share with frnz. Even though we reach 2 heights if we don’t have any one to appreciate or to comment on our work or behavior, it counts nothing.
ankit.k.saxena Hi frnds What I believe that there should b a balance between the professional life a personal life as we have our responsibilities towards both our job and the family and neither of them can b overlooked. Both these things sld have a balance maintained between them. Both r essential in there own way and can't be mingled or else cld create problematic situations. We have our responsibilities towards the job as we r paid for that work, and also we have our responsibilities towards our family, as it’s their support, which is making us strong enough to execute the job and to handle the pressure So the catch line here is that:

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